JD worx is a small company located in the Czech Republic. Since late 2016 when JD worx was founded, I have been on their board, continuously helping them grow the business. In less than 2 years, the company became one of the leading players in its field in the Czech Republic. I have occupied many roles in their success story – I have been consulting and advising them on business strategy and branding, I developed a website for them and I have also been taking care of everything regarding “the digital word” for them, including graphic design, SEO, etc. They are winning and I love to see that!


In late 2016, my good friend Jakub approached me with an idea of starting a company, that would specialize in renovating and cleaning automotive parts using a special technology. This technology was unique on the market and cleaning (mostly aluminum) parts brought great results. This was his unique selling point. He also knew that customers would appreciate his services since he has been part of the industry for almost a decade. All he needed was to start now.

In the first few weeks, Jakub got a few businesses by repairing motorcycle parts for his friends and they loved the work. He knew he was on the right path. That’s when I got on board his venture. I was asked to build a website and help him come up with a company name and a logo (of course… when starting a business, the logo is the most important thing to do – without a proper logo, you don’t even exist… :-D). Soon after, JD worx was born along with a simple website for potential customers. Meanwhile, thanks to a word of mouth and to some basic ads on a few websites, JD worx got more orders.

In the next year, everything they earned got invested right back into the company – improving on the technology and processes. We came up with a marketing strategy and decided to create a Facebook business page. We started putting out content – professional photos, custom graphics, videos etc. We also interacted with our audience by communicating with them in our posts, asking questions or by creating contests. Jakub also went infield and took part in many automotive exhibitions, showing his work in person. We split tested ads on various websites and platforms to see their effectivity to eventually double-down on Facebook and on Google Ads, which turned out to be very effective. Very soon, JD worx has become quite a renowned brand on the Czech market.

In the past few months, we updated the website to a new one and we also created an Instagram profile. The business is good and we also had to stop advertising for some time due to the overload of orders. Yet still, we know there is so much untapped potential in the business. There are countless possibilities of giving more value to the customers and just getting all out. We haven’t even put our hands on a video that much yet. However, with the business’s continuous expansions, we will be eventually able to cover that, as well.

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