My Story

Who am I? … a life enthusiast eager to learn new skills, passionate about web design and front end development. I also love meeting new people and exchanging ideas with them. Oh, I almost forgot – I happen to make films and dance, too.

Case Studies

Check out some of my latest projects that I worked on!

What I do

I help people and businesses with digital stuff on the Internet

Web Development

Designing and developing websites is my passion. It’s something that constantly brings new challenges. There are always new things to learn and more beautiful content to create.

Digital Media

I have been moving pixels in Photoshop and making videos since early 2008. Now is 2018. After 10 years doing something you love, great knowledge and results are inevitable.

Digital Marketing

I love to help out clients promote their services and products via SEO, Google Marketing Tools (Analytics, Adwords, Trends) and Social Media like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.


My side projects, experiences and ideas!

Platforms & Contact

If you want to understand more who I am, just check out my other profiles & if you want to discuss anything regarding digital world, your project, your website or your business, just hit me up on any of them. I am excited to talk to you about it!


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